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1. The following are links for you to review from the IGHSAU and the IHSAA on fall sports guidelines. Please feel free to review but understand that these are guidelines and as a school we attempt to work within these guidelines but at the same time having the flexibility to be a little more strict or loose depending on school district decisions and guidelines

2. We ask that you monitor your son / daughters health and insure that they are symptom free and do not have a temperature at or above 100.4. If they are not well please do not have them attend practice. 
3. We ask that if your son or daughter is being tested for Covid-19 that you contact our office as well as the head coach immediately. And once the test results are known we request that you provide us with those results. 
4. If a test comes back positive then we will implement our participation protocols which consists of contact tracing and a determination of whether or not individual athletes or a group of athletes will need to self-isolate. The contact tracing and determination of self-isolation will be conducted and determined by our school medical personnel and the Warren County Dept. of Health 
5. Should a positive test result the following is the guideline for required self-isolation: Norwalk Athletic / Activity positive test protocols are based on guidelines from IDPH and Warren County Health Dept and they require a 14 day self isolated period from the last day of exposure if there is a positive test and it is determined that there has been a cumulative 15 minutes of interaction within six feet. We are in need of making sure we are in compliance and consistent with the protocols. The Dept. of Health says that even if you test negative, you could still be incubating the virus within the 14 days, so  we have to follow the IDPH guidelines, even if tests from those having to self-isolate test negative. 
6. Athletes and parents will be contacted if there is a need for self-isolation. Again, this may impact only a few participants or it may impact a large group depending on the situation. 
7. Based on guidelines from IHSAA & IGHSAU there may still be changes made to scheduling so please be sure to monitor the little hawkeye conference website for up to date schedules. 
8. Athletes will also be required to have face coverings, hand sanitizer, and their own water supply as standard equipment. 
9. Equipment that is brought home should be sanitized on a daily basis as well as the laundering of all practice clothes. 
10. Locker rooms usage will be allowed to store playing equipment during the school day as well as a changing area for practice, provided there is six feet of distancing between players, but equipment is not allowed to be stored overnight. 
11. Team meals and gatherings outside of practice time are strongly discouraged. 
12. We request that parents please keep a safe distance from members of our teams before, during, and after practices and contests.
13. If you have chosen virtual learning for this semester the student is still eligible to participate in any and all extra-curricular activities. 
14. All fall sports programs are working extremely hard to keep practice structure time isolated into groups so as to not expose a larger population. 
15. Transportation guidelines have at this time not been clarified. Once we have that clarification we will communicate that with you. However, we will provide parents the opportunity to transport your son / daughter to any event if you feel it is necessary and safer. 
16.  School concession stand operations have not at this time been approved to operate. However, this too could change. 
17. As parents we ask for your patience, cooperation, and flexibility as we attempt to navigate through this most historic time. What we put in place today, could change tomorrow. 
18. Please call 515-981-4204 with any questions